About TM.Biz


TM.Biz is a Trademark Protection Platform focusing on Top-Level-Domains and Social Networks.

Our suite of services include:

  1. TMCH-In-A-Box is a workflow-based front-end to the TMCH that allows users to pre-validate trademark data and submit it to the trademark clearinghouse for processing. Users may use their own pre-funded TMCH account. They may also use the TM.Biz TMCH account and be invoiced for their submissions.

  2. Trademark Fact Check is for users who only want to pre-validate for the TMCH and then submit to the TMCH themselves

  3. Social Network User Names is a service to register user names on the leading social networks. See below for more detals

There are literally thousands of Social Networks and more are being created every day. In fact, there are too many to keep track of. This is where TM.Biz can help. By using criteria such as website traffic and membership size, TM.Biz has identified the top Social Networks on the Internet. As new networks rise in popularity, they are detected and added to our list.
Trademark best practices identify nine stages in the Trademark Lifecycle. In 1995, the internet and domain names were incorporated into the Trademark Lifecycle. Now, in 2010, TM.Biz incorporates user names from social networks into the traditional Lifecycle of a Trademark.
For brand protection, user names on social networks are replacing domain names as the biggest concern for trademark infringement on the internet.
TM.Biz provides these Trademark Lifecycle services on the top 500 social networks:
  • Screening Search
  • In-Use Reports
  • Registration
  • Watching
  • Maintenance


Screening Search
Use the TM.Biz Search for a real-time snapshot of the status of your trademark in the leading Social Networks. Assign a client reference to manage your work. Save your search results and share them with colleagues and clients for review.
In-Use Reports
Investigate social networks where your trademark is already registered with a TM.Biz In-Use Report. The TM.Biz In-Use Report will compile live screen-shots of the public profiles for your exact trademark. Use the report to determine if recovery efforts should be initiated or to generate a clearance opinion for your client.
Reserve your trademark defensively to prevent infringers and dilution of your brands. You select your preferred coverage and we'll take it from there. We complete all the stages of establishing your user account: initiating the sign-up process, adding your contact information and verifying your account is active. In order to protect your privacy, all e-mail correspondence between you and the social networks are sent to your TM.Biz dashboard account. This helps you avoid getting your inbox flooded by marketing updates and subscription verifications from the social networks.
Sign up for the TM.Biz Watch Service to automatically monitor the top-ranked Social Networks for use of your trademark as a username. When a match is found, we will send you an email alert and store the results in your secure TM.Biz dashboard account. You will then need to decide if someone using your brand is a possible infringement or dilution of your trademark rights.
TM.Biz will manage your social network accounts for you, or you may assume responsibility of any user account any time you elect to.