What is Trademark Fact Check?

Trademark Fact Check is a pre-validation tool that will help you pass the Trademark Clearinghouse validation. Trademark Fact Check compares the sunrise application that you supply with official trademark data available online. Complete the Trademark Fact Check analysis PRIOR TO your submission to the TMCH to be given the opportunity to correct any mistakes before providing payment.

(Your TMCH fee is non-refundable and once your application is submitted to the TMCH, you will have only one chance to correct it)

How Does Trademark Fact Check Work?

  1. You upload a file containing your trademark applications using our secure interface.

  2. We read your file and display its contents, so that you can confirm the format is correct.

  3. We confirm that your trademark records exist in the online databases.

    Note: Everything up to this step is free!

  4. Once we confirm we can retrieve the official records, you submit payment only for those records that exist in one of 75 online databases

  5. We then download the official records, perform the validation checks and generate a file showing you the results...all in real-time.

Sign up now to become a Trademark Fact Check user. Or, for more information, contact us at support@tm.biz.